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Lending Tech
Digitalization and transformation
Artificial Intelligence/ML
Distributed Ledger Technologies

Outstanding experience in building  number of innovative and complicated FinTech Products. 

Our team proves the expertise with:

  • 200+ developed features
  • Mobile digital wallets
  • Insurance products
  • Payment platforms
  • Blockchain solutions,  etc.

We’re on top of the industry with wast experience in building and launching mobile applications, web based technologies, high load Back End solutions,  and more…


Big expertise in building and launching digital insurance products and services:

  • Healthcare digital apps.
  • Insurance ecosystems
  • InsurTech wallets
  • Property insurance solutions
  • Reinsurance digital products
  • P2P insurance apps,  and much more…

We are on the leading side of this growing industry with experience of building:

  • Digital investment solutions
  • Currency,shares trading apps
  • Wealth management
  • Personal finance management apps
  • Investment platforms
  • Asset management digital solutions, etc.
Lending Tech

Collected a huge expertise in building and automating lending solutions using the most innovative technology and approaches in product development and business models. 

We are experts in building and automating:

  • Lending platforms
  • Lending applications (mobile, web)
  • P2P lending apps
  • Direct lending applications and products
  • Scoring, decision engines, models
  • Crowdfunding products
  • Integrations with different financial institutions and ecosystems and more…
Digitalization and transformation

We switched a lot of companies to the paperless process and helped to speed up operational processes more than in 3 times with advanced automation solutions we developed. 

We have implemented:

  • System integration projects
  • Robot process automation solutions
  • Business process automation and much more.
Artificial Intelligence/ML

Traction in implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning solutions through our products and services:

  • Recommendation engines
  • Risk calculation solutions
  • Image classification
  • Natural language processing and categorization, etc.

Our expertise in payments technology gives a huge competitive advantage to our partners. 

We are building:

  • Wallet applications
  • Payment cards products
  • Card processing
  • Loyalty programs processing
  • Online payments solutions
  • Payment platforms
  • Invoicing technology
  • Mobile payment applications and much more with confidence in regulation and security.
Distributed Ledger Technologies

We are putting the second breath into such innovative technology launching solutions:

  • Cryptocurrency processing
  • Stablecoins, CBDC
  • DAO, DeFI solutions, etc.

We: provide resources and solutions

People are a key factor for great achievements. To work with technology, there should be the right people, for the right money and with the right culture.

  • Setup Tech Team: hiring, on-boarding, off-boarding, paperwork.
  • Setup our own tools on the platform to speedup your tech.
  • Carefully designed culture models for your team.
  • Maintain engagement, happiness, motivation for office and remote teams.
  • Build people security management: prevention, physical security measures for on-side and remote teams.;

We carefully selected engineers, product roles to work in our teams. We ensure with them about hard, soft skills, their psychological picture and understanding alignment with the business values of each product.

We: drive innovations

With our expertise and management we create fast and cheap development processes and build extremely innovative products.


  • Provide innovative expertise in industries to build successful digital solutions. This saves up to 50% of the costs to our partners.
  • Set up management solutions for software development to help tech teams avoid 80% issues.
  • Extend on-side teams to develop new features faster with fewer issues.
  • Build innovative digital solutions with our teams.
  • Build and maintain the right cloud infrastructure
  • Help to launch and grow products properly with our proven expertise and mentorship.

We: create value

Our teams build MVPs, create solutions, launch digital products with your ideas and partnerships. We create our own solutions to add value for our partners.


  • Build digital products with us with the focus on business:
     – setup your accelerated technical team;
     – accelerate your on-side tech team;
     – setup a dedicated digital team on our side.
  • Add innovations to enterprise solutions with our teams.
  • Develop web, mobile apps, API, integrations, rescue from problems/bad solutions in tech.
  • Invest in our digital solutions on the market.
  • Setup partnerships to create digital products together.

We: rescue from operations

We handle utilities, invoices, payroll, real estate and ready for IT and General audit cases.

  • Real estate setup and management:
     – setup of the office space;
     – development of the environment, construction and design;
     – furnishing, adjusting, redecoration.
  • Finance, modelling & planning,  payroll & accounting, audit, guidance people on finance.
  • Procurements, supplier management,  equipment maintenance and so on.
  • Compliance checks and services for digital products and companies.
  • Legal support for product and team set up.
  • IT and General audit services, certifications.

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