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Digital Banking Platform, FinTech

Fully licensed Digital Banking Platform: web, mobile B2C wallet,
B2B online banking products.

We created the best in class Innovation Center and successfully grew the product and technology. Our team achieved a great success with this digital banking solution.

  • Launched 5 regulated FinTech products.
  • Built an innovative work environment, strong culture, HR processes. All these processes are successfully running now.
  • Launched 100+ features in 3 years.
  • Designed the pricing and reached profitability.
  • Made 4 pivots with AVG t2m within 4 months delivery time.

Key achievements

First Teammates

The first teammates were onboarded in 2 weeks. We created the architecture and set up the latest technology stack.

Product MVP

Launched the MVP in 3 month.

Product launch, Customer support

Created the launching and support strategy. Got 88% satisfaction rate.

2nd, 3rd relaunch

Built a lot of functionality, changed designs and launched new versions of the product to approach a bigger audience


Created the unique culture and Agile processes to grow the engagement.

New markets

Created the strategy and launched the product to access more markets world wide.

We created the product and grew it to the worldwide FinTech solution. Still working with that as one of our best achievements.

Cryptocurrency exchange, Blockchain

Web based cryptocurrency exchange with an innovative
customer approach.

We used our expertise to build the product in tight deadlines and launch it in competitive environment. We achieved that using our innovative processes and the best technology.

  • Setup 15+ persons Development Center with straight budget requirements. Created the most efficient structure for the startup.
  • Created the concept and MVP of the product to fit in a competitive market.
  • Setup a work environment, strong culture, HR processes. All these processes are successfully running now.
  • Launched 2 product iterations with average time-to-market 3 months.

Key achievements

The Concept

We started from the product concept and successfully found the successful model.

Product MVP

Using an Agile approach reached the target of having ready MVP ASAP.


With the launch of the product we set procedures to maintain and efficiently grow it.

The Team

Created an outstanding team even in a new innovative industry.

We accomplished to build such a new innovative platform from scratch and direct integration with blockchain. It works on the market and has a sustainable growth.

Mobile Digital Wallet, FinTech

Mobile based digital wallet with 10+ currencies and payment card.
It is oriented to a millennial audience. Fully licensed and certified FinTech solution.

Our team has outstanding experience with mobile-first FinTech products. We created the solution with ease and beat the market.

  • Established Innovation Center of 30 person.
  • Launched the first version of product in 4 month
  • Delivered 5 core payment features.
  • Built the Team, Culture, Office, Processes.
  • Onboarded 500K MAU according to developed launch strategy.

Key achievements

Innovation Center

We provided resources and expertise to launch the product.


Created the architecture, product concept with the latest innovative technologies and approaches.


Built the strategy and reached the target of 500k MAU.

Mobile apps

Choose and build mobile as a core of all experience.

As a result of the product acquired a lot of users. We still add new features to the product and continue to improve it.

Health Insurance App, InsurTech

The digital self-service health insurance mobile app with
case management and communication in the chat.

We successfully approached InsurTech area which is lacking from innovations and developed the product using the latest technologies and trends.

  • Established Innovation Center in partnership with a big Insurance company.
  • Built a group of 3 teams to develop product.
  • Launched mvp in 4 month. Got awesome feedback.
  • Launched full product with health insurance services. Got 100K MAU.

Key achievements

Innovation Center

Created one of the strongest Innovation Centers in the industry to develop digital changes.

Great feedback

Got awesome feedback from customers already on the early stages.

Digital Leadership

Proud for enabling the company to be transformed into the Digital Leader in the industry.

Innovative Product

Created the product strategy in collaboration with business stakeholders and launched the product powered with innovations.

This is one of the hottest cases of digitalization now. We’re still working on the the project and growing it.

Alternative investments Platform

An aggregator and processor of alternative investments
that works worldwide.

We created an alternative investment platform with latest innovations and cooperation with regulation.

  • Created a R&D Center from 3 Teams.
  • Launched full functionality of the product in 5 month.
  • Launched a growth process and acquired 100k+ investors on the platform in the first 3 months.
  • Processed 900K+ investments through the platform at the start.

Key achievements

The Team

Outstanding team which delivers value using innovative technology.

The Product

Innovative product in a field of changing conservative investments using technology.


We created not only the product but a community to work with investments.


As any good product our users like it and started using from the very beginning.

Even conservative industry can be changed with technology. We are still helping to grow the product in different markets.

Payment processing platform

A world wide platform for processing payments and transfers
with tokenized and digital currencies.

In one of the fastest growing industries we helped with our experience to develop a new payment platform. We developed the combo of services that changed the payment experience of the customers completely.

  • Created a team of 40 people. Motivated, efficient and innovative.
  • Developed the product concept. Became a pioneer in payment processing technology.
  • Changed current old-aged processes to digital.
  • Launched a new product and switched the company to digital space.

Key achievements

Innovation Team

We managed to get the best people in the team and empowered them with our expertise.

Changes in mind

We achieved that milestone and managed to shift minds towards technology.

Shift to digital

Developed changes how to switch from full of paper to digital processes.


Relaunched the product to innovative space and managed to increase traction in more than 4 times.

We implemented the digitalization in the company and created top-performing products together. The partnership is still in progress and adding more innovations.

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