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We are LaunchFabriq

LaunchFabriq is a global Digital Company that builds R&D, Innovation Centers and right software development teams using its own exclusive products, technical expertise and digital solutions.

We help launch and grow digital products in FinTech and Digitalization sectors in 2x faster, 2x more successful and 40% cheaper.

Common issues of:

Product companies Entrepreneurs Startups Investors Big Enterprises Growing companies Banks
Outsource is NOT Innovation

Outsource is super expensive with a low speed of delivery (waterfall = slow delivery), with no transparency, engagement from the team. Moreover your expertise belongs to 3rd parties.

Not-Product Teams

Time loses to create your own tech team because of:

  • wrong process;
  • wrong people;
  • lack of expertise.

There is NO single point solution for launching a digital product after the code is done.

Demand on profitable solutions

Business wants profitable solutions from the beginning. It requires expertise. Most of them just burn the budget.

Tech teams don’t care about value

Teams are stuck in operational mud or just want to create fancy code.

Discuss your specific case and find the solution with LaunchFabriq

Lack of strong expertise

Business needs a strong expertise in building Innovations, avoiding high costs and reputation losses.

No engagement

Lack of proper processes, and knowledge buries the idea.

Our solution

We have developed our unique startup-like methodology, focused on the product and business needs, to launch 2x times better digital solutions faster. 

Partner with us to build and launch digital products, innovations with methodology, technical and product expertise and ready-to-use solutions from LaunchFabriq.

We are ready to
help you with
  • Get expertise to launch advanced digital solutions.
  • Setup Innovation Centers, R&Ds, Growth Teams.
  • Build the MVP, adopt the new tech.
  • Setup technical infrastructure.
  • Build innovative digital products.
  • Build and launch your product ideas.
  • Setup partnerships to build digital products.
  • Build high performance, high-load solutions in FinTech, Payments, InsurTech, Digitalization and more
  • Build & innovate enterprise applications.
  • Extend resources to add value to your current solutions.
  • Build custom solutions based on your needs.
  • Maintain enterprise, web, mobile apps.
  • Hire and setup up technical teams.
  • Launch HR processes and best culture.
  • Maintain and manage remote teams.
  • Setup security and points of control.
  • Setup and management of work environment.
  • Manage utilities and services.
  • Solve Legal and Compliance issues.
  • Manage Accounting and payroll.
  • Obtain certifications, reviews and IT audit services.
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Instant competitive advantages with us:

Fast team feedback, control and coordination Strong project engagement and communication within the team Immediate readiness, quick changes, fast delivery Access to the expertise, talent development Understanding the customer value Deep team’s engagement, 100% motivation Cost efficiency and control Access to IT talents pool Quick team setup Focus on the core business functions Controlled launch and growth of digital solutions and many more…

We have proven
track record in

FinTech InsurTech Payments Lending DLT & Blockchain AI/ML WealthTech Digitalization and transformation Product development
12+ Years of experience

Outstanding experience in Product and Software development and growth on the market in core FinTech and Digitalization.

40+ Teams created and running

Each project staffed with a strong team. It’s not about friends of all life got together but about creating strong commercial teams from the first try.

40+ Startup and enterprise management

Proven experience in launching more than 40 projects and product from scratch and rescuing from outsourcing failures.

Digital Banking Platform, FinTech

Fully licensed Digital Banking Platform: b2c wallet, b2b banking, cryptocurrencies, stablecoins.

Health Insurance App, InsurTech

Self service health insurance with case management and communication.

Alternative investments Platform, FinTech

An aggregator and a processor of alternative investments worldwide.

Cryptocurrency exchange, Blockchain

Cryptocurrency exchange with an innovative customer approach.

Mobile Digital Wallet, FinTech

Digital wallet with 10+ currencies, card oriented on millennials. Licensed and certified fintech solution.

Payment processing platform, FinTech

A world wide platform for processing payments and transfers with the tokenized and digital currencies.

Lets talk through

your project in details

We will not bother you with long calls and discussions. Just a quick chat to get insights and provide instant free solutions..

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New York , USA
Toronto , Canada
Zurich , Switzerland

Ready to go digital?

We are a worldwide platform

We’re able to launch and develop innovative digital solutions on key sustainable markets with setting up the right Innovation Centers for product development.

New York, USA
Toronto, Canada
Zurich, Switzerland
Prague, Chech Republic
Budapest, Hungary
Dubai, UAE
Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
Brasilia, Brasil
London, UK
Poland, Warsaw
Kyiv, Ukraine

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